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What if Frozen was an anime series?

What would its OP sequence look like?

Why does this make me laugh so hard

because it’s accurate

thiis made me want to finish frozen


Hi everyone, I’m Olaf, and I like warm blood!

life fiber synchronize SVENKETSU

Frozen x Kill la Kill?! Sign me up!

Waiting for the picture of Elsa standing majestically on a huge ice castle

The only way to save frozen! :D

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Why is the image of  a Black couple the greatest threat to the Marvel Universe?

Why are all the prominent Black hero’s at Marvel (Storm, Falcon, American Patriot. Blade, Miles Morales the Ultimate Spiderman ) in a relationship with person of another race? Even the gay couples.

Yet the marriage of  Storm and Panther was a mistake.

 What is it about Black sexuality that makes it easier to feature all white girls in a comic that features a Black teenage Spiderman as if no Black girls exist in New York?


Repost this until Marvel gets over its fear of Black people in love

It’s nothing like that, man. It was a mistake just because Storm and Black Panther had no relationship prior the editorial decision of make them marry, basically out of the blue.

Had them working together -  if Black Panther was a regular on X-Men stories, or the opposite, where the X-Men (an not ONLY the bride-to-be) participated on BP stories -  everything would be fine.

Just think how long took to Storm and Forge get to a relationship, in terms of running comics (not comics time, where you can make a year pass inbetween panels). Think how long took for Mary Jane and Peter Parker to marry, or Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Unless Storm and BP story was about rushed marriages that fail in long term, this coupling was a very poor construction from the very start.

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